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A 2 hour presentation from Martz Witty (International Speaker)

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Every participant is entitled to a free consultation for up to 1 hour afterwards at your convenience

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Venue: Martz Group Seminar Room, Ground Floor, Unit 3, 46 Acheron Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch

Reviews from participants...

“Some good and practical wisdoms about how to run a business, equally applicable to all aspects of life in this increasingly chaotic and stress world. I found  that identifying the chief drivers of business growth helpful because having them articulated within a coherent context made their significance more applicable. The “So What” approach to the evolution of 40 plus benefits I like to think will help me as an analytical tool in growing my business and promoting the services I have to offer " - John Spurdle, Real Pictures Limited

"Great to get the Tables of Discounting and Table of Increasing Margins, I now have table to verify to staff what it can do to a businesses profitability" - Alan McGill, Allegory Distributors Limited                 

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It has been great working with Martz on a regular basis with my business. He is a master at steering my thinking, bringing in so many well tested and proven ideas as well as moments of genius he manages to make look effortless.
After just a short period of coaching my goals went from ambitious to outrageous! Inspiring!Home Style Home Presentation Ltd, Jennifer Manson

Thanks for contributing to the International panel and for encouraging so many Kiwis to attend NSAA Conference in Melbourne.National Speakers Association of Australia, Robyn Henderson CSP, Executive Officer

Martz knows how to capture the audience like a true professional. Martz was MC at our recent 20th birthday celebration... "A lot of laughs, kept the audience entertained albeit with some stories that were not quite true! An excellent entertainer who soon had the audience captivated. Would certainly recommend"Advanced Personnel Services Ltd, Paula Densem, Administration Director

“…your presentation needs to be noted for the injection of interest and enthusiasm, into what is normally considered to be a less than interesting topic.” Whanganui Economic Development Corporation, Neal Blackburn, Chief Executive

"There is more however to say about this multi talented man named Martz, not only did his company arrange our conference, we also asked Martz to participate in our conference. Martz delivered our Theme "A Hard Day's Work." On a ranking system post Conference we asked our consultants to rank the performance of all speakers. The out come was very interesting in that all apart from Martz received 3 - 5 ratings but Martz received an overall score of 9 out of 10. This is an indication of the calibre of Martz and how he delivers his presentation with wit, charm and seriousness. Needless to say we would employ the services of Martz and Jocelyn in the future and certainly Martz will perform for us at upcoming speaking arrangements we require."Advanced Personnel Services Ltd, Spencer Shaw, Operations Manager - South Island

Martz was engaged by our group of Financial Advisors to talk on a number of topics and/or to let the discussions go where they may. Martz is very apt at being able to discuss many subjects.
The initial portion was how to ascertain insurable risks on balance sheets, which moved on to how to get along side an accountant to help grow your business.
Martz has a wealth of knowledge and is able to disseminate this with some hilarity which is unusual for most accountants.
I would recommend him to talk to a wide range of people on a wide range of subjects and don't think that you would be disappointedPhoenix, Steve Gawn, Director

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