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Thanks for contributing to the International panel and for encouraging so many Kiwis to attend NSAA Conference in Melbourne.National Speakers Association of Australia, Robyn Henderson CSP, Executive Officer

"Thank you for speaking to our Out of Parliment group (OOPS) on 19 September 2007. You were the highlight of our day and brought a smile to all our faces, in fact more that a smile, absolute laughter. Thank you for agreeing to speak to us, and I have forwarded your account to Parliament."Parliamentary Service, Linda Purves, Oops Co-ordinator

Martz knows how to capture the audience like a true professional. Martz was MC at our recent 20th birthday celebration... "A lot of laughs, kept the audience entertained albeit with some stories that were not quite true! An excellent entertainer who soon had the audience captivated. Would certainly recommend"Advanced Personnel Services Ltd, Paula Densem, Administration Director

"Many thanks for the great introduction. You performed it better than any of your predecessors and I am truly grateful. You are a true professional."Para Publishing, Dan Poynter, Author, Publisher and Speaker (CSP)

"Martz has a positive, energetic manner and retains the attention of his audience well. He follows a good process, allowing all participants to contribute and achieve the required outcomes from workshops. Martz is adaptable and easy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him."Hospitality Standards Institute, Steve Hanrahan, Chief Executive

Your speech on Tax/GST has left many of the ladies feeling a lot more comfortable about doing their tax return and becoming GST registered, some of whom had a fear of doing so.
What impressed me the most was that I quickly saw that you have the ability to present information in terms which the average Joe Blogs can relate to and understand. I have always believed that a speaker with a sense of humour will get any message across to a group a lot easier and that those people will retain the information given rather than if they listen to a speaker with no or little humour. You certainly did not let me down!
Avon, Tracy Jones, District Manager

“…feedback included, ‘fun presenter’, ‘visual presentation and communication clear’, refreshing approach to the subject’, I look forward to hearing another seminar” Venture Taranaki, Julienne Miller

Thank you for taking time to speak at our Celebration Day. Your speech was entertaining, motivating and very engagingBirthright Christchurch Team

“…great presentations do not just happen …thank you for the time and effort that you put into making the conference the success it was.” NZ Organisation for Quality, Bryan Wenmoth, Executive Director

"Our group enjoyed Martz's presentation on the topic of collaboration and the behaviours associated with this topic. Not only did Martz present in an enthusiastic manner, he also challenged the team with a series of mind boggling exercises that made you think hard about issues that often today we take for granted. Martz was also good in telling stories - there is no better way to engage your audience than with some experiences that are pertinent to the issues you are grappling with. Thanks for all the organisation / preparation to make this a valuable session."Statistics NZ Christchurch, Mike Moore, General Manager

Thank you for helping us with a Business Plan “focussing on strategies to enhance the growth of our business was interesting. Setting goals, missions and visions are so critical. Success this year is now planned!!”

It’s like someone turned on the lights. I had it all wrong spending my marketing dollar on the wrong clientele!”

“I haven’t spent a ½ day ‘ON’ since I can remember. It’s so much clearer now! What’s next?

“I’ve run my own business for 26 years and never understood the numbers till now!!”

Excerpts from feedback forms of workshops held

"Your presentation - "First Impressions... Last" and "Explosive Growth - Four Ways to Grow Your Business" were entertaining, lively and informative and met the needs of our group, which was a mixture of small business owners, managers and staff from beauty therapy salons around New Zealand. Your passion and experience as a business development specialist shone through during your presentation and you were able to provide real-life stories and anecdotes to back up the points you were making to our audience. I know our delegates also appreciated your willingness to answer their questions, both during the presentation and other times during the conference events you attended."Self Care Group Limited, Anna Parton, Conference Coordinator

"Your dynamic and interactive style provided a good blend of humour, stories and practical information as you addressed the subject of Wealth Creation. Our members thoroughly enjoyed your ability to combine obviously 'hard gained' experience, practical information and advice, on a platform of interactive and appropriate humour. Your presentation drew the audience in, held their attention and left them wanting more. Well done and congratulations on achieving such a professional result."NZATD - Canterbury, Robyn Dunlop, President

Thank you for presenting at the Family Parks Annual Conference held in Christchurch in September 2009. In one simple sentence your presentation was on the money! In one hour you were able to present a series of very useful business tips that were highly relevant to our conference audience. Your presentation was delivered with enthusiasm, passion and humour and as a consequence our parks are still talking about your presentation some weeks after the conference. Overall your contribution helped us make this our best ever conference. I really appreciate the effort you put into making our event such a success and if you require, I would be happy to act as a referee for you for future speaking engagements.Family Parks - Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Williams, General Manager

Martz recently presented the second part of his Understand the Numbers 201 presentation to a diverse group of financial advisers. Martz is very personable and was very professional in his seminar. He was able to tailor the presentation to answer and delve deeper into the queries that he received, without getting off topic. He got his message across in a way that engaged the attendees. I would recommend Martz to any group or organisation that would like to improve their knowledge on accounting and being able to understand sets of accountsFidelity Life Assurance Company Limited, Karl Moran, Business Development Manager

" Martz was entertaining and educational. He illustrated his talk, providing insight and real-life examples that he drew from his own wealth of experience in business, public speaking and personal life. He inspired students by showing them how he was able to pick himself up and create success from experiences others might deem a total failure. Martz's 'give it a go' adage, combined with his sense of humour, encouraged students to dive in and participate fully; one of the key factors in the success of this conference."NZ Computer Science Research Student Conference 2008, Moffat Mathews, General Chair

“…I have been associated with seminars and presentations for a number of years now and it is rare to have a presenter who is able to convey a topic that would be considered dry in such a lively manner.” Capital Development Agency Wellington, Anton Ferrari, Biz Project Manager

"The day was extremely successful and the feedback from the team was positive and glowing in the range and depth of comments. Excellent presentation - great speaker - fun presenter - interesting - down to earth - informative - easy to relate to and motivating. You are a talented speaker who has the ability to capture your audience with a healthy mix of humour and innovative delivery style.Maintaining the focus on a task at hand can often be lost over the course of a full day session and it's a credit to your ability and professionalism as a presenter/facilitator that ensured our seminar a success. Your presentation really achieved our objectives and meet the brief perfectly."Advanced Personnel Services Ltd, Ryan Densem, Special Project Coordinator

"I appreciated the time that Martz took to get an understanding of the audience so that he could tailor the speech to this audience. I found Martz and his business partner, Jocelyn, to be well organised and very professional in the process of preparing for this presentation. Martz is a good speaker. He has a good sense of humour and he developed a good rapport with the audience. He has sincerity, depth of business expertise and wit and used these aptitudes well to give a light hearted speech and to get the audience participarting in a networking exercise. This presentation set the tone for a very pleasant evening of networking for the business people who came.We appreciated the time he took to engage with the audience following the presentation."Selwyn District Council, Janet Mansell, Economic Development Officer

North Port Events engaged Martz Witty as a professional MC for the Electrolux Cooking Theatre at the Food Show in Christchurch 2009. Martz was very Professional in his approach and did thorough research before the event to ensure he was well versed on the chefs he was working with. He also made great efforts to build relationships with our sponsors and delivered their key messages to the audiences throughout the three-day event. Our thanks to Martz and Jocelyn for all their efforts at the Christchurch Food Show.North Port Events Limited, Rebecca Stewart, General Manager

"We were let down at the last minute by a keynote speaker from UK, and your positive and enthusiastic response to a call from us to step into the breach was welcomed with delight. Your presentation … was entertaining, humorous, but with a serious message, and was received with delighted applause from our conference delegates.
The reception was so sincere, that your following scheduled Workshop presentation became suddenly very popular, and … delegates were lining up outside to participate. We allowed enough extra people in to fill the ‘standing room only’ area, but many were turned away through lack of space.
This shows that the messages you have to give and your method of presentation is very valuable."
Combined Industry Conference, Corinne Moore, Conference Organiser

“…it always comes with great delight to hear of the fantastic work you are doing in your workshops…you are one of our most entertaining and informative speakers we have"The Small Business Company Ltd, Glen Senior, Managing Director

A thoroughly enjoyable presentation by a speaker who obviously practices what he preaches. The examples were real and the ideas were up to date. Everyone in the room took something away to help then in the day-to-day running of their businesses as well as having a laugh along the way. Well done.

Housing Industry Association, Australia

I understood Martz a lot better; reminder a collaboration; think more about the business (set time aside); "If you don't ask it's already No"; Need to work on Features, Advantages & Benefits - John

Martz Witty recently facilitated a workshop for the Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury –West Coast Division for our Supportive Care team. He provided us with a full morning of fun, inspiration and a challenging (in a good way) environment for our workshop.
The team were engaged by Martz and his style of presenting in a relaxed and relevant fashion. We were able to tackle as a team some more challenging issues, and gain a better understanding of each others ideas, strengths and weaknesses.
Martz’s style of presenting is one that makes it easy for all participants to feel comfortable and not be afraid to participate. He is a true professional and very easy to work with, he really listened to the brief I gave him and created a workshop for our team that was spot on.
Thank you Martz and the wonderful Jocelyn for your experience, wisdom and expertise. Our team is moving forward in a positive way with new insights that will benefit not only themselves but the people we work with every day.
Cancer Society Canterbury-West Coast, Wendy Davie, Supportive Care & Information Manager

" Martz Witty recently presented for us at an overseas conference in Vanuata and we really appreciated and enjoyed his speech and guest presentation, all clients and members found his information relevant and very refreshing. We particularly liked the fact that he was able to mix and mingle with our clients afterwards which gave them the opportunity to question him further and maximise his expertise. We are certainly considering having Martz return to our conference next year to present on a different topic and would highly recommend Martz to anyone looking at using his services in the future."Kodak Express, Robyn Pickerill, Programme Manager

"Biztips are an essential part of my day. I work alone so it is comforting to have at least one person whispering (emailing) advice and support daily. Thanks."
Brent, Dunedin

"For me, your tips are always timely and clear. Please continue in the same vein."
Sylvie, Auckland

" I love to start my day with your pearls and would miss it now that I have started this as part of my daily motivation"
Anne, Greymouth

"As a newcomer to this wonderful service, I appreciate and look forward to opening my email each day. A HUGE thankyou!"
Lorraine, Christchurch
Comments from Smartz Biz Tips Subscribers

"Martz Witty was invited to speak to the Year 13 boys at Christ's College as part of their General Studies programme. The topic that he spoke on was "When Things Go Custard!" and included his career path, how he got into speaking and how to cope when things go wrong as a speaker. Martz gave the boys some useful tools about speech preparation and demonstrated admirably how to put them into practice. He provided us with entertaining stories of situations he had been in and what could potentially have been difficult situations.I found Martz to be very entertaining yet at the same time he could portray a real message to the group. The Year 13 group were impressed with this presentation and it created some good discussion afterwards. It is certainly my intention to invite Martz to speak to Christ's College again, as he related extremely well to the boys and made an impact."Christ's College, Chris Sellars, Careers Adviser

"Thank you for being our guest speaker at the business breakfast meeting. Your presentation "Hit The Road Running - 4 ways to grow your business" was brilliant and full on with so many valuable tips and anecdotes. The true life stories and examples shared being a great way to relate business experiences which we could identify with and learn from."Auckland Business Salespeople With A Purpose (SWAP), Dawn Mills, President

Comments from delegates
"Clear and good tone of voice; Will definitely be reading his book; Excellent presentation to follow, great use of key points; Enjoyed sesssion, would be interested in his book and liked the motivational sayings on the side; A down to earth presentation some interesting comments - common to all business; Enjoyed your presentation."
Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Inc

"Your presentation "Gathering Pace - Get your customers back more often" was full on and packed with so much invaluable advice, business skills and knowledge which together with the anecdotal stories and humour, gave a fantastic session on a subject of great importance to everyone present. From the keen interest shown and positive feedback received there was information of great value to us all to take away from your meaningful and fun presentation."Auckland Business SWAP, Dawn Mills, President

Martz recently spoke at our conference on "Hit the Road Running - 4 ways to grow your business." The presentation was extremely well received by delegates, being rated the highest of the day. Martz knows how to capture the audience like a true professional.Photo Marketing Association, Maryanne Dransfield, Director of New Zealand Activities

“…has the knowledge, skill and experience to present business strategies that are (in most businesses today) revolutionary, yet classic in their simplicity.” Miller Studios Limited, Michelle Holland

"There is more however to say about this multi talented man named Martz, not only did his company arrange our conference, we also asked Martz to participate in our conference. Martz delivered our Theme "A Hard Day's Work." On a ranking system post Conference we asked our consultants to rank the performance of all speakers. The out come was very interesting in that all apart from Martz received 3 - 5 ratings but Martz received an overall score of 9 out of 10. This is an indication of the calibre of Martz and how he delivers his presentation with wit, charm and seriousness. Needless to say we would employ the services of Martz and Jocelyn in the future and certainly Martz will perform for us at upcoming speaking arrangements we require."Advanced Personnel Services Ltd, Spencer Shaw, Operations Manager - South Island

I wanted to thank you for a great performance addressing our audience in Queenstown last week. The feedback has been great and I personally wanted to thank you for your contribution to our conference it has been a great success.
The delegates would have liked more (like a good meal I say!) well done many thanks I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future.
Matrix Australia, Kempton Clarke, National Sales Manager

It is often hard to put into words the gratitude when some has inspired you so I hope this testimonial will be what you are looking for. Once again a huge thank you to Martz for his time and to you (Jocelyn) for making it happen. Martz was recently the guest speaker at our women’s corporate networking group, VEnterprise in Christchurch. As an experienced public speaker and business owner with specialties in business development, Martz was exactly who we needed to inspire us. Not only did he provide us with and understanding of the secrets to his success but also provided us with “take home” tools to helps us improve our presentation to potential clients and grow our businesses as a result. Martz is an inspirational public speaker and insightful businessman with an in depth of knowledge of what makes people and businesses tick. His tips were common sense, easy to apply and memorable and he helped us to think in ways that will definitely impact positively on our business.V Enterprise Club, Ann-Maree Ozanne, Facilitator

I would like to extend our sincere thanks for speaking to our members before our trade show last month. Your seminar on "Hit The Road Running" was very relevant to our industry and was both educational and entertaining. Feedback received has been very positive.Australian Promotional Products Assn, Kellie Tremayne, Regional Manager - NZ

Martz was a very entertaining and informative speaker. He approached the event in a very professional manner but also managed to be extremely entertaining at the same time. He presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting his message across to the entire audience, it is one of the only times I have seen everyone participate in a speakers activity from the guests to the staff.
Martz is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker and I would be very happy to attend other speaking engagements involving Martz.
Paul Brobyn, Partner – Business, BNZ Partners Canterbury

“…the feedback from the attendees was uniformly great. You managed to keep them interested and involved for the full three hours, which is no mean feat.” Enterprise North Shore, Cushla Gamlin

"Camp Quality's mission is to provide programmes of support to children whose lives have been touched by cancer. As part of this years training (a volunteer companions training weekend) we invited Martz Witty to be an after dinner speaker. Martz spoke fluently, with vigour and was audible throughout the room without the use of a microphone. His speech provided humour and was well balanced. A fine after dinner speaker, a job well done. Martz and his speech were well received by those present."Camp Quality, Christchurch, J.B. Patchett, Regional Manager

“Your style of delivery was one of the best we’ve seen and the way in which you put across the message was spot on.
The mixture of humour and serious comment was in perfect balance… Our members are still taking about your address."
Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise, Charlie Ives

As a Business Development Manager for over 200 financial advisors, professional development is a necessity and any session I plan must be of great value, both on a personal level and to one’s business. The ‘Understanding The Numbers 101’ workshop you created and presented was aimed at helping our Financial Advisers understand and interpret financial statements so they could better understand and identify opportunities for on-going risk management of their clients. You were able to convey this understanding in a manner that was easily comprehensible and provided a number of real life examples that, mixed with your breed of humour, really struck a chord on what can potentially be a very dry topic! Martz, you were a big hit with the audience, so much so that we are now working on a “Part Two” seminar to take the advisers understanding up to the next level. I have no hesitation in recommending you Martz, to anyone looking for an informative, educational presenter with a wealth of business experience, who has the ability to convey his message to a wide variety of audience members.Thanks again for your educational entertainment.Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd, Nick Hau, Business Development Manager

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a part of our Business at Lunch event last Thursday. You were a fantastic team to work with and not only took on board our requirements but managed to adapt the keynote speech to incorporate our key messages. From the questionnaires that our guests completed the majority of the 'additional comments' mentioned and referred to the 'informative', 'amusing' and 'exciting speech'. CPIT, Sophie Duckworth, Marketing Communications

“…your presentation needs to be noted for the injection of interest and enthusiasm, into what is normally considered to be a less than interesting topic.” Whanganui Economic Development Corporation, Neal Blackburn, Chief Executive

“Insurance Advisernet is an independent group of insurance brokers around New Zealand, primarily SME focused, and we brought all the principals together for two days recently as part of our ongoing focus on professional development. We invited Martz Witty along to talk business sense to people who are first and foremost insurance brokers. Martz’s brief was clear – to give attendees information and tools to help them run better businesses. I am pleased to say that Martz delivered on this and much more. He was our first speaker for the conference and set the benchmark very high. He was engaging, involved the audience and gave out ideas and solutions that everyone could use. In a post conference survey nearly 90% of attendees rated Martz either very good or excellent, the balance rating him as good. I would happily have Martz along to another Advisernet event and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants practical, useful ideas presented in a energetic and entertaining manner.”Insurance Advisernet New Zealand Ltd, David Crawford, Managing Director

"We thank you for agreeing to be guest speaker at our presentation of certificates and awards function. Your speech was both enlightening and entertaining and enjoyed by all those in attendance. We also appreciated that you ensured your presentation was within the 30 minute time frame which was suggested by you. Again thank you for making this special occasion for our award receipents and guests, a night to remember.Canterbury - Westland Branch, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, Noeline Ward, Branch Manager

Martz was engaged by our group of Financial Advisors to talk on a number of topics and/or to let the discussions go where they may. Martz is very apt at being able to discuss many subjects.
The initial portion was how to ascertain insurable risks on balance sheets, which moved on to how to get along side an accountant to help grow your business.
Martz has a wealth of knowledge and is able to disseminate this with some hilarity which is unusual for most accountants.
I would recommend him to talk to a wide range of people on a wide range of subjects and don't think that you would be disappointedPhoenix, Steve Gawn, Director

“…thank you for your excellent presentation… feedback has been very positive… your presentation was an essential part of this.” National Association of Retail Grocers & Supermarkets NZ, Fiona Gavriel

"Martz Witty recently spoke at the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ) conference. He ran two workshops for delegates on "Creating Demand - an experienced business developer, shares his coaching secrets". IBANZ found Martz to be very professional in his approach, engaging the audience with his enthusiasm and unique style of presentation. The message was delivered with confidence and in such a way as to ensure everyone could relate it to their own personal circumstances. We have subsequently promoted another series of seminars being run around the country by Martz and would consider him for future seminars for our members."IBANZ Inc, Gary Young, CEO

Thank you for coming to speak to our Prebbleton Business Group this evening. Your generosity, wisdom and experience are greatly appreciated. I hope you both enjoyed the evening as much as we all did. Prebbleton Business Group, Karyn Riley

“…we have all taken on your ladder of passionate satisfying to the extent the head office news letter continually quotes “waves of lust”, WOW and Raving Fans ... our opportunity clocks will be forever reminded … being able to present messages of motivation to our delegates that were not only embraced but also implemented” Mortgage Link (NZ) Ltd, Ross Butler, General Manager,

The team from MYOB really enjoyed Be Do Have More, Martz has a great way to get you thinking intrinsically within your personal life, your business and career to see how you will extend yourself. It is always good to check in with all topics covered and it was interesting speaking with everyone the next day, that we all left pondering, wanting to apply some new key learnings and we all found different topics to be favourites. Goes to show everyone has different goals and focus so as always Martz delivered engaging content well across a wide audience. MYOB, Mel David, Client Manager

"On behalf of NZDHA, I would like to thank you for coming to our Annual Conference last weekend and being our opening speaker and MC at the Saxy Blues dinner. I always feel that the first to make a presentation at a conference sets the tone for the event and you broke the ice for us and got us off to a great start. I hope that we may be able to call upon you again sometime in the future and in the meantime, I shall enjoy reading your book and passing it on through the association."NZ Dental Hygienists Assn, Melanie Spence, Conference Co-ordinator

On October 2012, Martz recently created and presented his workshop title "Understanding the Numbers", aimed at helping financial advisers understand and interpret financial statements so they could better understand and identify opportunities for on-going risk management of their clients. Martz was able to convey this understanding to the advisers in a manner that was easily comprehensible and provided a number of real-life examples that, mixed with Martz's breed of humour, really struck a chord on what can potentially be a very dry topic!
Martz was a big hit with the audience, so much so that we are now working on a 'Part Two' seminar to take the advisers understanding the next level.
I have no hesitation in recommending Martz to anyone looking for an informative, educational presenter with a wealth of business experience, who has the ability to convey his message to a wide variety of audience members.Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd, Karl Moran, Business Development Manager

“We were particularly impressed with how you managed to keep the positive thinking reinforcement flowing through what was a very humorous presentation. We would have no hesitation in inviting you to present again to our conference in either an after dinner or more formal training session.Thanks again for making our Red and Black Celebration Dinner a wonderful success”Holiday Accommodation Parks Assn of NZ (Inc.), Fergus Brown, Chief Executive

Martz recently presented 'Explosive Growth - even in challenging times' at the T.I.M.E. Business and Networking Event in Auckland some of the comments from this presentation are ... good sound stuff with good humour; thanks for the inspiration; You were very dynamic, engaging, and gave very practical advice that I can directly apply to growing my business; Thank you for giving a great presentation, and if you have any more business tips I would love to hear them! T.I.M.E. Business and Networking Event

"When we were looking for a high powered speaker with a sense of humour to deliver 27 speeches nationwide on Taxation to the clients of The National Bank, Martz was an obvious choice.
We required a professional speaker who could present Taxation as a topic, without sending the audience to sleep! Luckily Martz had just the right blend of knowledge and relaxed presentation delivery we needed. It was more us being lucky he was available.
Titled ‘Creative Compliance – Lessons in Less Tax’ it was our fourth workshop series nationwide, and Martz received the best ranking reviews from the bank customers so far. The National Bank were extremely pleased.
We have enjoyed working with Martz on this project, and will not hesitate to use his expertise again, or to refer him to others."
The Small Business Company Ltd, Glen Senior, Managing Director

Martz has contributed regular articles over the last 3 years to the Vetbiz Magazine. This targets the veterinary industry and is supporting business people within practices. Martz articles are always challenging and add a lot of value to the content of the magazine. So much value that they are always the lead article of the magazine. We look forward to his contribution continuing and challenging veterinary business to follow his recommendations.Vetbiz News, Gerard Casey, Editor

Thanks for your great presentation on 12 May. It certainly got the room buzzing! The response forms filled out were all very positive, with comments like "Good to have practical tips to take away", "Dynamic, practical, relevant. A very worthwhile presentation", "Good value, well worth it", and "Excellent hour and a half, thank you!".
Sales & Marketing Institute of New Zealand, Lisa Barraclough, Executive Administrator

It has been great working with Martz on a regular basis with my business. He is a master at steering my thinking, bringing in so many well tested and proven ideas as well as moments of genius he manages to make look effortless.
After just a short period of coaching my goals went from ambitious to outrageous! Inspiring!Home Style Home Presentation Ltd, Jennifer Manson

“Martz has been our Master of Ceremonies for the past several years at our annual graduation which takes the form of a presentation followed by a formal ball. Martz has proven to be extremely reliable and enthusiastic in this role… he organises our other speakers and takes over the timetable for the evening ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Martz never fails to delight everyone who attends with his outgoing, friendly manner and his interesting and fun-filled diversions which he provides to the audience into a festive and celebratory mood.
We would absolutely recommend Martz to anyone who needs a speaker or MC as someone who can provide reliability, organisation, diversity and sensitivity to any occasion.”
Aesthetics House Ltd (The National School of Aesthetics), Dr Noel Turner, Director General

Quiz Night! The name Martz Witty springs to mind when it comes to looking for an MC/Quiz Master to host such an event. Having worked with Martz previously on this quiz evening, I have found him to be a great communicator, reliable, professional and hilarious. Our quiz night was very successful, and this is reflected in the number of emails I have received from members after the event. I believe Martz played a large part in this success because of his warm and endearing personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Martz to host social events, and it has been a pleasure working with him.New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, Lynley Power, Canterbury/Westland Branch

"Martz's presentation was extremely well received by members. We all went away armed with new strategies to help us network positively and confidently in the future. Members' feedback on the meeting included: "I really enjoyed Martz presentation style", "the memory stack tool is one that I will definately use" and "I really enjoyed his humour and style". We are extremely fortunate to have such a high calibre speaker coming to talk to our members."University of Canterbury, Lee Barber, Co-ordinator Community of Practice for Adminstrators

I have had Martz speak at a number of conferences for me. Martz has a style which I and participants always enjoy and he certainly makes business seem fun and exciting. To me business is supposed to follow the KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Do the basics and look after your client and things will go well. Martz certainly presents like that and his presentations are great and thought provoking. Along with his book "Hit The Road Running!" and his presentations and articles you could say Martz is the complete package.Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce, Gerard Casey, President

Thank you again for your generous support as MC/Compare at our recent Westpac Rescue Helicopter Quiz Night. The night was a great success and your contribution to the evening was a big part of that. Feedback from those whom attended really enjoyed your humour and ability to keeps things ticking along.
Also thank you very much for a copy of your book Hit the Road Running. What a great read. I liked the way the book was structured. It’s a refreshing read and has something for everyone looking to work smarter not harder.
Westpac, Rose Cavanagh, Manager Lending Support - Consumer

“…presentation was professional and thorough, yet delivered in a relaxed and easily accessible style.” Nelson City Council, Lisa Mead

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